My everyday look consists of glowing skin, a barely-there neutral eye and bold lips. I seldom wear the same look everyday, but I wear black lipstick all the time and my skin routine never changes. I wear false lashes sometimes, but lately I have been going natural because it’s winter now, meaning it’s harder to get out of bed which leaves me with less time to get ready. For the sake of the ‘everyday’ element, I wont wear the lashes, but stay tuned for more diverse How To’s in the future.

DISCLAIMER: I am not, nor will I ever be a makeup artist. This is just what I do to survive, you know!


Black Opal Compact Powder and Foundation in the colour Truly Topaz

Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation and Compact Powder in the colour Heavenly Honey as highlight (I ran out of powder so I will be using the Makeup Gallery Compact Powder in the shade Honey Beige 3) to set the highlight.

Unbranded Black Eyeliner gel for eyebrows, eyes and sometimes even contour!

My Own (homemade) black lipstick

Matte Eyeshadows by Technic for my eyes (duh) and also to set my contour.

Airemaine Eyeliner Pencil to line eyes and lips.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

STEP ONE: Prep skin

I use  Astral as my moisturizer/primer. This gives me a smooth base to work on and helps me with oil control. I use the Black Opal Foundation as my base and i apply lit with my hands in the same way you would apply lotion.


I use my pencil to outline and exaggerate my natural brow shape and length. Then using the gel liner, I fill in the shape, making sure that the darkest part is the tail. I then take my matte brown eyeshadow and softly make upward strokes at the inner part of the brows and blend that towards the centre. Finally, I take my lighter foundation and a small flat brush and refine the brow. I blend that out with my finger.



STEP THREE: Highlight

I generously apply my lighter foundation under my eyes, the tip of my nose, chin, you know the drill… Immediately after, I pack on the powder in the same shade and leave it to cook. I almost never highlight my forehead because it is big and bright enough as it is. Also, I seldom contour my nose; usually, I just highlight that mart instead to give the illusion that i have a button nose rather than a chiseled one since that’s the truth. The highlight looks super light, but my oily skin darkens everything after a while anyway.


STEP FOUR: Contouring

With the same gel liner I use for basically everything, I carve out my jawline, cheekbones and my temples. I also put a bit on the the bottom sides of my lips because the black lipstick can make my lips look flat. (Meanwhile, my highlight is still cooking.)


STEP FIVE: Blending 

I brush off the excess powder from my highlighter then using a powder applicator and my powder in the shade Truly Topaz,  I press on powder onto my face. I then take the brush again and blend everything in. My foundation is matched to my chest because I almost always have cleavage (deal with it) and I want everything to match. My face is a bit darker because I have hyper-pigmentation and acne scars.


STEP SIX: Perfecting steps 3-5

The areas that I highlight also happen to be the oiliest parts of my face, so I set those areas with my Maybeline matte maker powder. Using my eyeshadow in a smoky chocolate shade, I bronze and contour my face.

IMG_2901 IMG_2903


For a lip that lasts me all day long, I first line my lips with my black pencil. Then I go over the lips with the famous gel liner. Finally, I go over all of that with my homemade lipstick in the shade Vanilla Bean. I literally don’t have to worry about my lips at all during the day after this.


I tight line my waterline with my eyeliner pencil, then using a blending brush and a dark, matte eyeshadow, I smoke out the line and drag it upwards. I then take a colour that is darker than my highlight but lighter than my skin and brush over my lids. For this look, that’s all I did and then I put on some mascara on my top lashes. Putting mascara on my bottom lashes is something I try to avoid because I have a lot of creasing under my eyes and as soon as I blink, the mascara usually goes everywhere


This is the final look under natural sunlight. My eyebrow was itchy so I had a bit of smudging, oops!

Come back next week for an outfit post.

Stay tuned, stay inspired,



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