I love to incorporate animal prints and textures into my outfits and fur is definitely one of my favourites. This week, I have 3 looks for you that you could try. The main differences between the outfits are the jackets (duh) and the shoes as well as some of the styling options.

The base outfit consists of black trousers and a few different black tops. I think everyone owns these items, which is why I love fur jackets; they do enough on their own so you don’t have to do a lot.


This look is  my favourite because I love wearing all black. I tried to make the gilet the focal point, so I wore my hair in a wrap; that way the purple wouldn’t stand out against the all black outfit. If you have normal coloured hair, a sleek ponytail or a high bun would look good.



These black mittens are from eBay and I thought that the fur on them would go nicely with the fur gilet.


My creeper wedges were a gift, but I actually recommend eBay. I will do a whole other post on eBay because that’s how real the love is. This look would also look good with black boots; platforms aren’t the safest winter shoes in all honesty (I just like to be taller than I really am.)



This leopard print jacket is from Red Herring but it is so old! I think the best place to find any fur jackets is a Thrift shop, especially in the summer time, otherwise, you might end up paying quite a bit! But if you are able to invest, go for it!


I feel like leopard is a risky print to wear because it can easily look cheap. I kept the outfit predominantly black, even a hat and then wore brown boots that were a similar colour to the fur. This is probably the most casual fur look I have.



The last look is another gilet but it is definitely less glamorous than the first one. This gilet is from New Look, but again is very old. I put on a long sleeve top because obviously gilets don’t have sleeves and I would freeze! The fur reminds me of a teddy, which inspired me to tie my hair into little ear-like buns.


I got the boots from PunkyFish for something like £12 which I thought was awesome since they look just like DM’s.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from my three looks. Next week will be about different ways to wrap your hair!

Stay tuned, stay inspired,



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