If you haven’t already caught on, I live for black lipstick. Sometimes though, I want to mix it up a bit so I add other products on top of my black lipstick to create more interesting variations of the black lip. This also saves me from having to buy several different lipsticks or products; I can just work with what I already have.


All the looks start with the bold black lip, which I achieve by lining my lips with a black makeup pencil, painting over my lips with my black gel liner and topping it all off with my homemade black lipstick. This is basically what I do 99% of the time because it is food and drink resistant, makes my features pop and goes with my ever changing hair.




To create the second look, sometimes I dab my Maybelline Matte Maker powder on the centre of my lips to create a slight gradient effect. You can use basically any white or translucent powder that  you have, but the Matte Maker is something that I just happen to own and use often. I buy all my drugstore makeup from Superdrug.



On top of my black base, I apply a coat or two of red lipstick. I can’t remember where I bought mine, but it is a very basic, Ruby Red creme lipstick. I seldom wear red lipstick on its own because it makes my teeth look yellow. I think that’s because I have orange undertones in my skin, so the red doesn’t create any contrast (at least that’s what I think!!)

The black underneath the red creates a blood-like, deep purple colour that I adore.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.14.02



I create the last look by using the same eyeshadow that I use to contour and bronze my face. That’s the Makeup Gallery colour story eyeshadow in the shade BROWN TRUFFLE 10. Using a flat brush, I dab the eyeshadow over my base, while it is still wet. Because the powder is quite shimmery, it creates a metallic effect on the lips. I love this because in different lighting, it looks like a nude, a metallic AND  a dark lip.

That’s pretty much all I do with my lips at the moment because I prefer myself with dark makeup.

Hopefully, this was somewhat helpful to you and gave you a few ideas for yourself.

Stay tuned, stay inspired,



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