I have put together 2 looks; one inspired by the late 90’s/early 00’s and one that is a lot more classic and vintage.

My 90’s look is comfortable and fairly simple. I like to wear comfortable clothes during celebrations because I go HAM at the dinner table and I like to have space for my belly to grow. I regret nothing.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


I honestly don’t know where the scarf is from, I never remember buying scarves but I just have an abundance of them!

My crop top is from eBay. I bought it in a set that cost something like £8. the skirt it came with was DISGUSTING so I gave it to a charity shop.

The jeans and platforms were both thrifted for £1 each. I kid you not when I say I nearly cried when I saw those shoes. Of course you don’t have to wear platforms, but the taller I am, the less chubby I look when I overeat. Life hacks.

My hoops are from eBay too. I believe I paid around £3 for them. Click here for the EXACT pair. They do fade after a while, but they aren’t heavy and won’t stretch your lobes if you wear them all the time like I do.

I can’t recall where the cardigan is from, but you can start looking here until you find something you love. I don’t like Christmas jumpers because I am quite busty and jumpers make me look kind of frumpy so that’s why I like this outfit.

This outfit is worth something like £20 (estimate because I can’t remember the cardigan details)

Had I bought everything solely from the High street , I would have spent around £70, maybe. That’s why I think it is important to take advantage of bargains, especially during the Festive season, where there’s more pressure to spend money on people.

Come back next week for the more classic outfit post, and don’t forget to sleigh (lol, get it?) this Festive Season.

Stay tuned, stay inspired,



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