Month: January 2016


The very first project I did at college was an upcycling one and I think upcycling is such a fun and rewarding concept. Dyeing is going to be really in this Spring, so you might end up with something that is really cool and relevant.

I know not everyone is a fashion student or particularly has the time or means to start deconstructing clothes and making them into whatever they want, but I have a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to follow that requires no sewing. All you are going to need is an old pair of jeans, Bleach, ink, dye or anything that will alter the colour of your jeans, a sharp pair of scissors, writing equipment and a few hours to spare.




I used to be a handbag fanatic when I was younger, taking a new bag to school every other week and all that. Now, I am a shoe girl and bags aren’t a big priority to me, which is why I can’t do a post about my bag collection.

I like bags that are practical since I carry a lot of stuff with me, especially to college. My current bag is this grey backpack from new look. Backpacks are good because they leave my arms free to carry other things, like my portfolio.