If you go to school, work or whatever, there might be some regulations on what you can and cannot wear, especially if you are a girl so I (barely) put together this simple and easy look that doesn’t make me feel like an actual grandma.

I don’t have a dress code at college, but there are some days where I don’t feel comfortable and I just want to be dressed and this is my go-to thing.

I am wearing my trusty black trousers and a green oversized jumper. If your school has a vendetta against necks, you could wear a collared shirt underneath. I decided to wear my my new boots from new look, which I mentioned in my Bucket List post.


My Trousers are from next and I mentioned before that they are the most comfortable and versatile trousers possibly ever. I wear them every week!

I thrifted the jumper for £1 and it is a men’s jumper. You can find a very similar one here.

You know about my shoes, I LOVEEEE THEM

My jacket is Vintage and was given to me by my mum, who was given it by someone else. It is real leather so I don’t know where you can find one like it for cheap.

I have a whole post waiting all about my backpack and what is in it,  because I am keen for bag packing.

My makeup is barely there because I remember how annoying my old school was about makeup so I was trying to be realistic. I have dark lips, but they are nude, not black. I wore my hair in a bun with a bandanna.

Good luck to everyone this term and happy 2016,



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