I used to be a handbag fanatic when I was younger, taking a new bag to school every other week and all that. Now, I am a shoe girl and bags aren’t a big priority to me, which is why I can’t do a post about my bag collection.

I like bags that are practical since I carry a lot of stuff with me, especially to college. My current bag is this grey backpack from new look. Backpacks are good because they leave my arms free to carry other things, like my portfolio.

So, what’s inside my bag, I hear you ask.

Well, in the compartment at the front

I keep all the stuff that I might need instantly and wouldn’t want to open my whole bag to take them These things are:

London Underground tube map, sanitary towels, a pen, my glasses, deodorant. Sometimes, I put things like gum or painkillers there too.


Inside the bag, there is a small pocket in which I put things that I am inclined to lose but really really can’t afford to.

These are:

My key, memory/USB sticks and my Passport/ID.


The actual bag itself contains everything I could possibly need.

So Much so, that I have 4 smaller bags within my bag.

The main bag has:

My Macbook, which I use for EVERYTHING

Chargers for both my macbook and my Iphone


I then have two pencil cases.

One has pens and pencils (case from WH Smith)

The other has paints, paintbrushes  etc. (case was a House of Marley headphones bag)


My purse contains:

Savercard, student card, bank card, Tattoo/Piercing shop business cards, lots of used bus and train tickets, receipts and money. (purse was a gift, but I saw someone selling the same ones at Camden Market)


My makeup bag in which I keep:

You guessed it! Makeup. The makeup bag is Ted Baker, my mum gave me it.


I then have a plastic bag that I put my food in when I take food with me, but sometimes I just buy food wherever I am so yeah..

I try to organise my stuff in the order that I will take them out, so my purse at the front and my art supplies at the back. I try to put everything in bags because I don’t like not knowing where everything is.

I seldom put my sketchbooks or folders in my bag, I mean, how could I even fit them in? But I have at least 5 plastic portfolios that I put all of my fashion work in and also my main professional portfolio.

Like I said before, I like practical bags rather than pretty bags, but my backpack is super chic and suits my style well. I also feel safer with a backpack because it is harder for someone to take something off of your back, or even slide their hands in and take something.

Hopefully whoever is reading this has enjoyed or gained something from reading this month’s entries that were all based around interviews and school/college/university. I will have more of these ‘themed’ moths in the future and I hope you will stick around for them!

Stay tuned and stay inspired,



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