The very first project I did at college was an upcycling one and I think upcycling is such a fun and rewarding concept. Dyeing is going to be really in this Spring, so you might end up with something that is really cool and relevant.

I know not everyone is a fashion student or particularly has the time or means to start deconstructing clothes and making them into whatever they want, but I have a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to follow that requires no sewing. All you are going to need is an old pair of jeans, Bleach, ink, dye or anything that will alter the colour of your jeans, a sharp pair of scissors, writing equipment and a few hours to spare.


Firstly, you want to cut your trousers to your ideal length. Always cut longer than you think you need. If it helps, actually cut them whilst they’re on your body so you know for sure that you won’t moon anyone. I chose to mark mine with a pen

I decided to make one leg shorter at the front and longer at the back. The other leg is just regular.


You can cut shapes out of your jeans if you want, like I cut out the area at the back below the waistband. It was already marked up because that is how jeans are sewn, so I just cut within the stitchlines.


Once you are happy with your cutting, you can start to add or remove colour from your shorts.

I poured bleach all over mine, and then began to drop acrylic inks on them.


I waited for the colour to set for maybe an hour and then I turned them over and did more on the back. Then I basically just waited for the shorts to dry. I ran cold water over them just to remove any excess colour that could potentially run if it were to rain or something like that.


I waited for them to air dry again and then I put them in the washing machine for 14 minutes, just to wash out the bleach smell and the excess colour. The washing machine also distressed them hems so I didn’t have to.







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