HOW I DO IT: Romantic aesthetics (makeup)

I thought I’d do a quick makeup look inspired by Valentine’s day. Since I am the captain of Team Too Much, I thought I’d do this wet-look, shiny and glossy makeup look using drugstore and kitchen cabinet products so that I can be the sexiest piece of tinfoil there is on Valentine’s day.

I started by doing my face using these products:

On top of the foundation, powder and highlight, you will need any type of oil that works for you (I used olive because I put that on my skin anyway)

You will also need black lipstick (duh), a selection of eyeshadows, a contour colour, variety of brushes and mascara. I was going to wear lashes but the oil made everything very messy so I got angry and threw them in the bin. I reckon you should probably put your lashes on before the oil. My bad…

So I started off with the eyes. I went for a gold and black look because I think that red would be a bit cliche for Valentine’s day, right? Also, I don’t wear red lipstick; makes my teeth look yellow.

AAAnyway, I started by applying a generous amount of black liner all over my lids and then blended that out with a brown eyeshadow.

Then I used my finger to apply the gold eyeshadow (which I also use as a highlighter) onto the inner corners of my eyes.

After this, I should have put on my lashes, but instead, I used my finger to pat on some oil onto the eyemakeup. You have to dap and not swipe, otherwise the makeup will slide right off of your face.

I then took a small blending brush and dragged the makeup on the outer corners of my eyes across my waterline. To deepen my eyes a bit more, I took an eyeliner pencil and filled in the outer corners of my waterline.

It should look something like this at the end. I then had the whole eyelash episode, so I ended up just putting on a ton of mascara later on.

Now for my favourite thing, the lips…

This is pretty straightforward: thick layer of black lipstick followed by dabs of oil. I then dabbed on some gold eyeshadow to enhance the shine of the oil.

To pull the whole thing together, I took a beauty sponge and lightly applied oil onto the parts of my face that were highlighted earlier. I then subtly contoured my cheekbones.

You have to bear in mind that oil makes your makeup darker, so if you have oily skin, like me, or are adding oil to your face like this, you don’t have to be so extra with the darker tones.

I also put oil on my body so that my body matched my face.

So this is the final look,



Come back next time for an outfit that I wore with this look.

Stay inspired,



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