I’m  not an expert on piercings or anything like that, but I currently have 8 and want several more. One of the main reasons why I have a blog is to just give advice where I can and I thought this was something that could help a few people.

I currently have 8  piercings on my body, pictured below.

These are the piercings I would like to have:

AAAAND these are some piercings that I like but I’m not in a rush to get them done AKA II don’t know if I actually want them.




 I am a big supporter of saving money as much as you can, but one thing that I think you should never ever take shortcuts with is what you put in your body, whether that be the food you eat, actual people and any body modifications.

It is better to save up for a nose ring than to die of septicemia, to be honest. Don’t be cheap, just this once.

And even if you go to the best, cleanest shop in the world, the second you leave, the responsibility is yours and yours alone, BE CLEAN. Infections aren’t a joke.

Your piercer will obviously educate you before or immediately after they pierce you so just pay attention.


Your dentist will hate any piercing you have in or around your mouth because they can cause your gums to recede. I have a labret piercing that sometimes rubs against my gums, so now that it is almost a year and a half old, I take it out when I sleep or when I am at home to avoid friction.

You have to be careful not to bite your oral piercings because 1. it hurts and 2. you could lose a tooth. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also, if you feel that you might have an infection, don’t go to the doctor. Go to the person who pierced you first. Yes doctors are medical professionals, but your piercer will have more knowledge on piercings since that’s their job and all…

I personally use saline solution on my new piercings. for my tongue piercing, I would just use anti bacterial mouthwash.


Different piercings react in different ways. For example, when I got my septum pierced, it was the most painful thing but as soon as it was over, I practically forgot it was there. But when I had my tongue done, I didn’t even flinch but 2 hours later, I was borderline overdosing on painkillers.

Like I said before, healing takes time, so even after my tongue had gone back to it’s normal size and I could talk, eat and function again, I still had to rinse my mouth every time I ate and clean it every morning and evening.

It might take you a while to adjust to having something on your body that was not there before and you might struggle. The whole reason why my nose ring fell out on the first day is because I was washing my face and I accidentally knocked it off my face and it closed up instantly. You just have to try to be aware of yourself.


If you go to a strict school, or you have a restricting job, don’t get pierced just to take it out the next day or to hide it. You dont HAVE to have a piercing and it is almost stupid to get it done knowing that your mother will take it off of you or your boss will fire you. It can wait. Get it done when you know you can, whether that be after your 18th birthday or after your exams etc.

I am lucky that I’m in a creative industry and go to college and not sixth form so I can basically do whatever I want. But you have to prioritise what is more important to you if you are in a more restricting industry. I can’t really tell you what to do, but at the same time don’t be one of the people who complains that they can’t get a job because of the way the look. That’sjust the way things are, unfortunately…

I think it is also important to not put yourself off. Ok, they hurt but obviously having a needle through your body will hurt. You kind of have to realise that it will hurt for about like, 5 seconds and then it’s over.


Hopefully this was somewhat helpful. Like I said before, I don’t know everything but I am speaking from experience.

Body modifications are extremely addictive so try to chill. You don’t HAVE to get every single piercing just because you can but if that makes you happy, at least try to pace yourself.

Stay tuned, stay inspired and generally just stay safe,



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