Shoes are for sure my favourite accessory after body jewelry, but I don’t have a job or rich parents so spending money on Louboutins is not really at the top of my to do list. However, I do know where to shop so I thought I would share…

I own 5 pairs of flat shoes (well, some of them are creepers) and then too many pairs of heels that I literally never wear because I seldom go out, but like I said, I just really like shoes and would probably buy them even if I didn’t have feet.

Ok, so the easiest and in my opinion best place to buy shoes is eBay. Seriously, those eBay shops based in China are the and I get that people are like, ‘oh no, they are made in China, they’re probably bad quality…’ but literally everything we own is made in China so let’s not pretend to be prestiege, guys… Also, these ones that I am about to show you were shipped from the UK and arrived within like, 8  days.

Here are two pairs that I bought on eBay a year or so back…


These are dupes of these Jeffrey Campbell platforms ($209)


The black ones are dupe Louboutin pumps (£895)

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.43.58

 Look at the price difference for what are basically the exact same shoes!

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t buy designer things, I mean, I want to BE a fashion designer and I would very much like people to buy my creations but like I said before, not everyone can afford Kanye prices.

Another great place to buy shoes is my favourite place on Earth, CHARITY SHOPS.

Seriously, charity shops are the ideal place to find affordable anythings, the only challenge is getting bail money after you rugby tackle an old lady trying to look at the same shoes you want, am I right? (please laugh or I will feel dumb for that)

ahhhh, ok. But for real, There is a Charity shop where I live where everything is £2.00 or less and that’s where I found these. FOR 1 POUND!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.57.11

I also bought these Vintage boots for something like, £6.00 at a different shop in town.


Third place to find great shoes is the High Street. I am not really a fan of the High Street, but every once in awhile, you will find something amazing and affordable.

New Look, in my opinion, is an amazing place to find shoes and I have said it before, but I really think they should stop selling everything else and just become a shoe shop! I have mentioned these shoes before in a previous post, but they’re perfect, so let’s look at them some more, yes?

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.58.00

I also went to primark and found these platform trainers, which I loooooove. They were £5 each, which I thought was a steal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.58.51

The final place that I depend on to find killer heels isn’t specifically one place, but basically those boutiques that people tend to avoid but are actually lit. You know, the ones whose name you never, ever remember but they usually have a black banner with silver text and there is always early 2000’s music playing?

Well, they are great places to buy shoes and actually anything, to be honest. We used to go to Finsbury Park (Haringey) and there is a whole road full of these kinds of shops, where my mum used to buy shoes, which I now own (yaaaaaasz!)

I can’t give you exact prices, but none of them are more than £30, for sure.


Just give the boutiques a chance, ok?!

Ok, so that’s all I’ve got for you this time. This was slightly longer because I haven’t been very consistent lately since I have a lot going on with school and life.

Anyway, all order should be restored from here on out,



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