I know that a lot of people don’t like chokers, but luckily my neck is not attached to their bodies so I shall remain unbothered. Here is a few of my faves…


I love this one because of how it doesn’t look like a regular necklace, but rather a watch band due to the interlocked links it is made up of.  The only bad thing about it is that sometimes the links pinch my skin, but other than that, it is a great piece and I wear it often.


I don’t know if this is a genuine Links necklace,  but who cares, right? This one feels a little more formal for some reason; I’m guessing because it is slightly more dainty compared to the others that I own. I like the look of old metal, so aesthetically, this one is great but I don’t like how the links move around too much.


This is another more dainty and feminine one. Personally, I don’t preference when it comes to gold or silver and I wear both simultaneously so I love how this one is two toned.  If I  had to say one bad thing about it, it would be that it is a little snug.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta try to make fetch happen, you know. This is a silver chain that happens to be long enough to be wrapped into a choker. I don’t really like wearing long necklaces because they bounce a lot when I walk and/or just fall into my cleavage anyway.  It would save me like,  5 seconds of my day if this was an actual choker, but that’s the only downside of this one.


This gold one is great when I want to divert attention from my face because it is so bright. I love the way it looks, but it has a watch fastening, which is almost impossible to open up, so I get really vexed when I am trying to take it off and I feel like I am going to strangle myself. It is also SO noisy, which is a shame because visually, it is stunning.


If you have ever been to a hot country, you probably own one of these tourist necklaces. I don’t wear it often, but it is adorable and it is the only non metallic piece I own. The only downside is that it isn’t as universal as my other ones.


The GOAT, in my opinion is this one. It was originally a bracelet but I don’t really like wearing a lot of stuff on my hands because I’m always using sewing machines or doing intricate work, so I cut the elastic off and used a piece of black ribbon to make a choker. My only issue is that it didn’t have enough safety pins to go around my whole neck, so it is only a feature for the front, but i will probably make my own or add to this one in the future.

I have a few more, but they are basically slightly different versions of the 7 I have already written on here so it would be unnecessary to repeat the same stuff to you. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas, and if people around you tell you not to wear chokers, or tell you not to wear anything that YOU like, punch them in the face.

Ok, maybe don’t, but just don’t listen to people tbh.

Stay tuned & stay inspired,



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