Jeans are not my favourite thing to wear, and it is a pretty big deal if you see me wearing them, so I thought I would customise this old pair of jeggings into something that is more suitable for my evolving style.

I have already done a very similar thing with a pair of jeans in a previous post, but I wont be caught dead in those because I actually hate them, so this is a remake if anything…

Once again, there is no sewing involved; all I used for this transformation was: bleach (DUH!) safety pins (double DUH,) a sharpie pen, scissors and a few hours for drying.

Ok, so I started off with this raggedy ass pair of jeggings. I cut the legs from the hem to a few inches below my knees. I really had no plan of what I wanted the outcome to be, so it was all freestyled.

I then decided I wanted to roll the hems, so I rolled twice, each roll being about 2 or 3 cm in length.  I then attached safety pins to the outer and inner seams, in order to hold the rolled hems in place.

They still felt a little too plain jane for my liking, so I started to cut more stuff off, naturally…

I cut off one of the back pockets for no actual reason, but like I said, this was just a random, unplanned thing so whatever.

Next, I gently brushed my trousers with bleach, hoping that I would achieve a nice grazed effect, but the material was like, ‘nah’ so I ended up waiting for like, 2 days for the bleach to start working and nothing happened.

I then decided to just go wild and pour all the bleach onto the shorts and that got the job done in no time. Who needs refinement and order, anyway??

After that was dry, I was like, ‘woah, this is a hot damn mess’ but there was no turning back, so I decided to add more safety pins all over and cut out the negative space created by the seams at the back. I then wrote a message on that pocket I had cut out, because as captain of Team Too Much, it felt like the thing to do at the time.

That’s it really… Not really a life changing tutorial, but I’m sure you could apply it to a jacket or something and that would be awesome…


K, thanks, byeeeeeeeee




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