As someone who has next to no money, I am a very frugal and street smart individual wh— wait, this isn’t my CV, let’s just get to the point, yes?

Basically, here are a few ways I make to most of, or spend less of my money on the daily…

JUST SO YOU KNOW, I own none of the images in this post.


Being the nosey bitch that I am, I notice a lot of people on my bus either don’t have a saver card or they buy the most expensive tickets ever! What you want to do is buy yourself a child day ticket, right. If you dont have a saver card, which allows you to pay the child fare, buy yourself a student day ticket (using your student card) because both of those are cheaper than buying a return.

Like, going to college and back  costs me a little under £6 with a standard return, or if I have my saver card, a little under £3. BUT if you don’t have a savercard, like I won’t in a few months, just use your student card and get a day ticket, which will cost you £4.90 and you can use that ALL day on several buses! You can literally go to Watford, St Albans and back home for less money than the next guy is using to JUST get to and from college!

Obviously this is specifially for my commute to and from college, but I’m pretty sure bus tickets follow the same, if not very similar pricing rules, so look into it.


Buying in bulk might be expensive in the sense that you have to pay the lump sum, rather than gradual amounts, but in the long run, it is cheaper to buy for 6 people than it is to buy for 1. They invented these really cool called freezers that you use to preserve food in! It might seem convenient to buy, I dont know, 4 chicken breasts in a packet, but what you need to do is visit a butcher and bulk buy that ish and watch £20 worth of meat last you a month.

The same applies for almost anything freezable, as well as things like bread and burger buns. Another good way to save money on food without missing out is by cutting out ready made things. For example, you could buy yourself a pack of freshly baked cookies for £1 at ASDA or something, OR you could spend £5 on baking ingredients and make 40 cookies yourself. You see what I mean? Sometimes what is convenient isn’t always what’s best…


Linking to what I literally just said about making your own, lunch is another thing that I see people splurge on when it is really unnecessary… £3 meal deals are a blessing to this god forsaken world, but you could have the exact same thing for lunch and save yourself money. Let me do the math for you…

Ok a normal person eats lunch at work or school 5 days a week, so thats £15 worth of meal deals. ok, cool, but you could do this, maybe…

2 loaves of bread £1.50

Ham £3.00 for 3 packs

A Bag of salad £1.00

A bag of cheese £1.00

24 packets of walkers £3.00

SQUASH £1.00

Right, so that would take you to something like £10.50 and you’re going to be able to get more than 5 lunches out of that, which means each week you will be spending less and less and less on supplies because they will begin to overlap. Not to mention a really cool thing called leftovers that you can eat the next day!




I will probably do a more detailed post on this, but a good way to save money on beauty products that aren’t makeup is to trade the chemicals for food products. Things like Mayonnaise and olive oil do wonders for your hair, and all you really need for an effective skin scrub is some honey and brown sugar! You are what you eat after all, and if you already have these things in your kitchen, you don’t have to spend extra money!

I can’t really think of much else to say at this time, but if anything comes to mind, you will be the first to know.

C U L8R,




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