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HOW I DO IT: Romantic aesthetics (makeup)

I thought I’d do a quick makeup look inspired by Valentine’s day. Since I am the captain of Team Too Much, I thought I’d do this wet-look, shiny and glossy makeup look using drugstore and kitchen cabinet products so that I can be the sexiest piece of tinfoil there is on Valentine’s day.




If you haven’t already caught on, I live for black lipstick. Sometimes though, I want to mix it up a bit so I add other products on top of my black lipstick to create more interesting variations of the black lip. This also saves me from having to buy several different lipsticks or products; I can just work with what I already have.



My everyday¬†look consists of glowing skin, a barely-there neutral eye and bold¬†lips. I seldom wear the same look everyday, but I wear black lipstick all the time and my skin routine never changes. I wear false lashes sometimes, but lately I have been going natural because it’s winter now, meaning it’s harder to get out of bed which leaves me with less time to get ready. For the sake of the ‘everyday’ element, I wont wear the lashes, but stay tuned for more diverse How To’s in the future.

DISCLAIMER: I am not, nor will I ever be a makeup artist. This is just what I do to survive, you know!