HOW I DO IT: Romantic aesthetics (makeup)

I thought I’d do a quick makeup look inspired by Valentine’s day. Since I am the captain of Team Too Much, I thought I’d do this wet-look, shiny and glossy makeup look using drugstore and kitchen cabinet products so that I can be the sexiest piece of tinfoil there is on Valentine’s day.




The very first project I did at college was an upcycling one and I think upcycling is such a fun and rewarding concept. Dyeing is going to be really in this Spring, so you might end up with something that is really cool and relevant.

I know not everyone is a fashion student or particularly has the time or means to start deconstructing clothes and making them into whatever they want, but I have a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to follow that requires no sewing. All you are going to need is an old pair of jeans, Bleach, ink, dye or anything that will alter the colour of your jeans, a sharp pair of scissors, writing equipment and a few hours to spare.



I used to be a handbag fanatic when I was younger, taking a new bag to school every other week and all that. Now, I am a shoe girl and bags aren’t a big priority to me, which is why I can’t do a post about my bag collection.

I like bags that are practical since I carry a lot of stuff with me, especially to college. My current bag is this grey backpack from new look. Backpacks are good because they leave my arms free to carry other things, like my portfolio.



I was born on December 17th, so by the time this is out, I will officially be 18 years of age! I’m really not a big fan of big birthday parties, or  flashy gifts so since this is my first year as an adult, I wanted to celebrate my milestone in a way that I would actually  enjoy.

New Year’s is just around the corner, which means I have two new chapters opening all at once so I decided I would create an ’18th Year Bucket List’ and my New Year’s Resolution will be to complete it.  Not all of the things listed are exclusive for 18 year olds; a lot of this stuff is just stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but just never got round to and some of it is stuff I never had a reason to do, so I am making this the reason!

This time next year, (God willing) I will do another post that will let you know how my year went! If not, I will most likely update this post every time a change is made and then repost it next year…

Ok, here goes. (more…)


When you are very conscious about how much you have to spend, Christmas, birthdays or any event that involves the giving of gifts can be quite a stressful time and budget or not, there are only so many times you can buy someone the same Lush bath bombs!

I try to give people gifts that actually mean something and are an extension of our relationship. I am one of those people that starts planning a birthday 2 months in advance, but these gift ideas are also perfect if you are reading this on December 24th at 11pm.